You Host Linda Wolf at your Gathering
Clients & many others have inquired about hosting a gathering where I teach a class, workshop, or present talk. I have been teaching workshops, classes & group events for over 30 years on a wide variety of metaphysical, spiritual & healing topics. Should you want to host me at your gathering, this is how it works:

 1) Schedule Discovery Call with Linda Wolf to explore your hosting idea (venue, dates, etc.) 
 2) Choose a topic for the workshop, class or talk
 3) Check Cost (below)
 4) Gather a group of likeminded family, friends, etc.
 5) Make sure the date and time are available
 6) Secure a location for your event
 7) Book Linda Wolf for event

These events can be not only profound for people who participate, but also lots of fun. I will teach principles & concepts about the topic and there are usually processes to engage in as well, such as guided meditations, release processes, affirmations, discussion/sharing and more. There is always a little bit of magic involved and people learn, become inspired and heal or begin their healing process. Below are some important details:

Live/In-Person Gatherings:

There is a 3-hour minimum for any event.

COST: *3 hours:  $120/hour + travel
            *4+ hours: $80/hours + travel
TRAVEL:  Temecula/Murietta:  $20
                Julian/Ramona:        $25
                San Diego Area         $50 (North County down to La Jolla. Call me to discuss if your                                                                     location is further)
(*Travel costs subject to change, depending on location)

Online/Zoom Gatherings:

There is a 2-hour minimum for these
COST:     $60/hour (any amount of hours)
TRAVEL: $0 (just traveling through the interwebs – Lol)

Payment is made in advance. Depending on your event and if you are fully hosting it, you can choose to pay for the whole event yourself or split the cost between all participants attending. Either way, you will make arrangements for payment  with Linda.

There are many topics/workshops I can present. Below is a list of the most popular. If you have a topic in mind that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to call me to discuss something different you have in mind.         

Class vs workshop:
: Is when I talk to you about something, more like a teaching(s) or “lecture” situation, without the experiential experiences. This category, then, includes talks as well.
Workshop: This includes both teaching/”lecture” and experiential exercises, such as guided meditations, releasing processes, group affirmations, creating something (such as a vision board or medicine shield), etc.

I encourage you to call with any questions or further details. Please note that most full workshops can be adapted timewise and be adapted as a shorter online workshop. I teach major principles in each topic and offer experiential processes as well – guided meditation, release, affirmations and more. When I teach and when I work with clients, it is important for them to know that my ‘call’ is always “whatever works for you is best.” I don’t have an agenda for you. I have teachings, experiences, and knowledge to share, but I am quite aware that this is not the only way. I learned that many, many years ago. And, if anyone ever says, this is the one way, I run in the other direction :0 (Lol). Though these topics are serious, and I teach them as such, I also use humor to make a point or to lighten the mood.

I highly recommend bringing a friend, cohort or partner in crime 😉 with you, as I find that after the workshop, people want to have someone(s) to share the info with, to practice, with, to keep each other on point, etc.

Among other things, I am a physical medium and one of my gifts is to connect with both my own guides and those of participants (and clients) to bring through information, healing and awakening. We can ask questions and receive answers from my spirit guides and angels and yours. I also channel information verbally, which I will share if/when it
 is received.
 1. Angel & Spirit Guide Discovery Gathering. The time needed for this particular gathering depends on the number of people, since I will be working with each person, rather than teaching to a group. I can probably do 9-10 people in 3-3 ½ hours. I do not typically do readings per se with my guides using table tipping. I use this ability to help people to heal and awaken in private sessions, but I will do angel & spirit guide discovery gatherings, during which I will find at least two of each participant’s spirit guides and angels and share why they are here for them now (what they are here to help you with) and any messages they wish to impart. I use physical mediumship (table tipping) to do this and call on my guides, angels & Spirit, plus the participant’s guides and angels as well to do this. We all have countless spiritual allies, but the most important ones to you right now are the ones who will show up. I can also help you discover spirit animals or animal totems.
You Are Not Alone: Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides. The In-person version is 5 hours. A 3-hour online version is available, but will not be as in-depth. This workshop is about discovering your spiritual helpers. You will learn who they are, how to connect with them and work with them or how to strengthen the connection you have. This involves teaching and engagement in processes such as guided meditation, release through A.R.T. and affirmations. Although it is a 5-hour workshop, it can be adapted to a shorter online class or in-person if needed for your budget, though it   will not be as thorough. 
 3. Living & Learning Your Soul Purpose: This is an all day, 7 hour workshop. It can also be a 3-hour workshop. You will learn how to discover your soul/life purpose and how to live it. So many of us are stuck in a job/work rut – it’s time to live your passion and to do what you love and love what you do. 
 4. Not Just Another Vision Board Workshop (& Vision Boarding With A Twist): This is an amazing all-day/8 hour workshop where you will learn major principles of abundance & manifestation. You will also release your blocks in the way of manifestation, do a guided meditation, use affirmations and learn the way to create a vision board that   actually gets results. You will discuss and share as well.
   *The other and newer workshop I am offering is called “Vision Boarding with a Twist” and it is exactly the same as the other workshop above, except for one detail – in this workshop you will not come in with a goal, theme or idea about what you want on your vision board – it will come through you as you create the board. The magical thing about this is that whatever is important for you right now and perhaps under radar, will come through and up and out on your board. I will show you in detail how to do this. I do not know anyone else who is offering vision boarding this way and it is amazing and very, very cool :). I can do a 3 hour version of this workshop, but it will include less “lecture” and not actually creating the vision board, but teaching some of the manifestation principles and how to create a successful vision board (***Please note: the Vision Boarding with A Twist will be offered after 5/25/24 (the   regular Vision Board workshop is available now). 
 5. Oracle Cards for Everyday Living: This is a wonderful and fun workshop that can be all day (8 hours) or adapted to a shortened 3-hour workshop (with much less detail and experiential exercises). There is a ton of information and experiences in the full workshop and it is super fun too. This is for people who want to learn to read cards for their own benefit – to assist them in life and spiritual situations. This is for everyday people who want to receive answers to   questions and improve their lives at every level. 
 6Being Your True Self: Transforming Your Life & well-Being through Authenticity. This is a 3-hour workshop, which can be shortened to 2 hours, with less detail/experience. Teaching about the importance of being authentic and the magic that it creates in your life. How to get in touch with your “personal magic.” How to be true to yourself and stop trying to gain the approval and love of others by being who you are not. Being authentic is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself and your health and well-being on EVERY level: physical, mental,   emotional   and spiritual. I will give tips and tools for being authentic. There will be teaching, discussion, and experiential exercises.
7. Sacred Animal Medicine: This is a 5-hour workshop (can be adapted for 2 hours for an online or shortened version). Love this workshop about spirit animals/totem animals. You will learn all about spirit animals and what they are and their significance in your life. You will learn who some of your own spirit animals are and be involved in discussion, sharing and experiential exercises. We all have spirit animals, and they will help guide you along your journey.
8. Living Your Bucket List: Manifesting it while you are alive and well (*offered after 8/17/24*): This is a 6-hour workshop (3-hour shortened version) all about manifesting your bucket list now – not waiting until you are retired or ill or limited in some other way. We will write our bucket lists and learn about manifestation and abundance and how to check off the items on your list. You will learn these principles and also participate in experiential exercises.
9. Creating Sacred Space: A workshop about how to create sacred space in your home, your room, your office or…anywhere! This is usually a shorter workshop – 2 hours online, 3 hours in person.
10. Meditation:  This is a 5-hour workshop (that can be shortened to 2 ½ hours). In this workshop I will share with you a variety of ways to meditate (there is no one way, only what works best for you). I will discuss how to approach meditation, how to set up space, the importance of breathing, different modes – guided, with music, etc. and will share and discuss with you how I started – my first meditation, what that was, and what it meant and my experience with meditation in general, including what it has done for me (SO much). We will look at the frustrations that people can have when they try to meditate and how to address them. You will experience 2-3 meditations during the workshop.

 I can also offer workshops or classes in the areas of intuition, creativity, self-care & nurturing (SO   important!), creating a medicine shield (vision board style, with a slightly different perspective) – it involves creating a shield that “holds” 3 things: why you are here/purpose, your gifts and abilities, and your lessons. If you have other areas or ideas about classes or  workshops you would be interested in hosting, but they are not shown on this list, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  Phone: 76