a sense of safety during my time of transition

“This beautiful soul is a natural healer and I recommend her highly.”
— Karen C.

It is thanks toLinda that I am now on my true spiritual path with a new career that is so perfect for me…I am eternally grateful…thank you!

“I have been back to see Linda on numerous occasions for varying reasons (including emotions, spiritual, physical and even material problems or questions) – Linda has guided me gently and lovingly all along the way. It is thanks to Linda that I am now on my true spiritual path with a new career that is so perfect for me…I am eternally grateful…thank you!”
— Jayne T.

I have a strong admiration for the hard work and diligence with which Linda has sought her true self and is helping others to do the same

“Linda has a warmth and energy I have never experienced before…Linda’s energy is comforting and healing. Her gift for teaching and reinforcing that we all have all we need to make it through life’s experiences without encouraging a dependence on her energy. She is good at assisting her students in finding ways to hear their own messages. I have a strong admiration for the hard work and diligence with which Linda has sought her true self and is helping others to do the same.”
— Laurie R
“Linda is a gifted and caring healer dedicated to teaching others how to find their true self.”
— Julia S.
“All I can truly say is that there has not yet been any support more genuine and truly from the heart in my life than that I’ve experienced through the work that Linda has done with me. I deeply feel that her gift can initiate healing in anyone willing to heal and grow be it physically or spiritually.”
— Paul S.
Linda is a talented channel and healer. Her warmth and humor instantly puts anyone at ease. I have found her guidance to extremely valuable, whether it is in the physical or spiritual realm. Linda’s gift for healing is something everyone should experience. Her deep love for humanity combined with natural talent brings much needed comfort to us all.”
— Teresa G.
“Linda’s emotional presence exudes 0penness, caring, and a profound love based in her intimate relationship to the Light. Having embraced her own Higher Self, she is able to let Spirit guide my sessions with respect to both the topics covered and the wisdom presented. Coupling the above with her powerful healing energy work, Linda is a truly inspired healer & counselor devoted to manifesting Spirit in everyone. I give her my heartfelt recommendation!”
— Mark N.
“I know that during my cancer treatments, divorce, father’s death, and other difficulties you have been a tremendous source of solace and insight. If anyone is willing to open their heart and mind to the talents you have to share with them, they will understand why I think so highly of you. The powers you have been blessed with are exceptional, and I cannot thank you enough for the many times you helped me get through VERY challenging times. That I know you is a gift for which I will be forever grateful…I can never communicate how strongly I feel about your gifts and, as one who was a traditionalist, have converted to incorporate alternatives into my spiritual, emotional and physical health and happiness. Thank you, Linda, for all you do!”
— Leigh
“The table tipping session with Linda was indeed a remarkable and authentic experience”
— Carrie M.
“Linda is a fantastic healer. I participated in a group table tipping session, and was awed by the experience. Not only does Linda create a strong safe space for all participants, but she explains each step as she goes. Non-judgmental, open and strong, Linda is a very experienced medium for messages from both without and within.”
— M. Jagerson
“Each and every experience with her is magical and truly a gift to me.”
— Erin N.
“This class was more empowering than I could imagine! The animal totem workshop was extremely absorbing…the whole workshop was amazing and filled with lots of new information…I liked everything; the meditation, learning how to read cards, picking out a unique stone as we left class to remember all I learned in the workshop….the table tipping experience kicked the class experience to an entirely higher level!...learning so much that one actually wants to pay a higher class fee for Shaman Linda wolf’s teachings and focus…I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to become wiser from sunrise to sundown – one cannot find that large an experience anywhere else in town (at any cost!)…I greatly appreciated the speed of information given, the depth and wealth of knowledge shared! 10-4 seemed like two hours :)!”
— Cornelia M.
“I enjoyed the classes and looked forward to them every week. They were well organized. The exercises were comfortable and felt safe – never scary…I like the way you structured the classes. By explaining things first and allowing us to take baby steps, the process just flowed naturally…I also appreciated your sense of humor. You let us know that this is supposed to be fun…I think most of all I received an increased confidence in my healing abilities. It was and is also valuable to be in a group of women and share. I would, and have, recommended the classes to others. Thank you Linda!”
— Julia S.
“This class is amazing! I went into the class hoping to get more connected in my writing. I got so much more out of this class than I ever thought possible…Seeing my angels for the first time (that I can remember). Feeling very connected – seeing ‘visuals’, getting feedback with “energy chills,” sound, WOW. I guess I loved everything…everything I experienced came from a place of love and truth. I can’t recommend this class enough! LINDA – YOU ROCK!!”
— Laura W.
“I discovered my spiritual gifts…that I am a channel. I met some of my guides and received very powerful messages. Linda provides a loving, safe, nurturing environment. Linda is a very powerful healer who has so much love and healing to offer.”
— Linda W.
“Words cannot express how enlightening Linda’s energy work is. She allowed me to open up to a whole new part of my “self” I did not even know existed. I was amazed at how we can channel through sound vibration, writing, and touching. This stuff is real!!! There are really angels and guides with us all of the time. I had my first most precious spiritual experience (awakening of the third eye) in her channeling class, one I will remember and cherish for the rest of m life. Her loving support allowed me to awaken and see life from a different, more positive perspective.”
— Erin N.
“You are awesome, Linda! Your workshop exceeded my expectations in every area. I couldn’t believe I completed the [vision] board before I left and I am so pleased with it…Really got in touch with myself – very healing! When I walked through the door I was captivated by the altar, it became a base for me…intimate, very productive. My impression is that it was definitely Spirit led. A journey – awakening.”
— Shannon M.
“Lots of fun! Enlightening! I really liked the meditation and just your explanations of what we were doing…Linda Rox My Sox!!! (Terra B)
— Leigh
“One week after treasure mapping [vision boarding] the girl of my dreams was brought to me. This was from my love section on the map [vision board]. In my success corner – I have been booked every shift [massage therapy]. I increased about $250 a week in my income. I feel great, super, wonderful!”
— M arcel R.