My Story

I have written this’ in-a-nutshell’ story/bio so you can get a better feel for, and closer look at, who I am and how I came to be a healer and intuitive counselor. I also wanted to share some nuggets of information about manifestation, how the Universe works and about patience and Divine Timing. Hopefully, you will enjoy the way this all “came down.”

For my whole life people have come to me for my listening ear and heart-centered counsel, even when I was young. I naturally gravitate toward helping others and being able to hold space for people’s emotions and thoughts. I am not one of those spiritual healers who knew I was gifted from the age of 5, as you so often read. I didn’t recognize my spiritual and healing gifts until much later in life. Perhaps my childhood wasn’t conducive to encouraging the gifts I have or maybe I was just a late bloomer :).

Here is how it all happened. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, like so many of us have. I was born in Massachusetts, but we moved to New Jersey when I was about 6 years old. I attended public school through high school, then took a couple of years off to work. After that, I attended college in another state. I went to Western Washington University for my bachelor’s degree and the University of Denver for my master’s degree, both in Speech and Language Pathology (therapy) with a minor in psychology. And not too many years later, I realized this career path was not for me (lovely, right?), though I really wasn’t sure what I did want.

I moved to Southern California, and I came ‘scratching and biting’, because I did not want to move. I was happy in Denver with my first “real” job, a large circle of friends and my first home. However, because, in the end, it seemed the best thing to do (argh!), I moved with my husband-to-be and our two gray cats who sat on our cooler the whole time because they were so hot – poor fur babies – lol). Moving to California was the first of many synchronicities for me.

I worked in my field, here in California, for about three years, first for both Children’s Hospital and Palomar Hospital (both per diem jobs) and then they both wanted me full-time – an “embarrassment of riches,” but a tough choice to make. I chose Palomar but after three years there, I realized I was unhappy in my profession. There went those 6 years of education. Really, I don’t regret those years – they were often fun and sometimes educational (ha). This was the first big shift I made toward my soul’s purpose. Having to tell the significant people in my life, family and friends, that I was giving up my chosen career was a bit terrifying depending on the person I was telling (ahem! Cough! – Dad).

I had fun in my next job as a recreation director for a big family apartment community. There I hosted theme parties, murder mystery nights, fashion shows, Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas caroling nights, directed plays and talent shows and many other events. Another job working closely with others. The apartment community was brand new, so I built that program from the ground up. My “paycheck” at this job was very interesting. I received a two-bedroom apartment for free, a part-time wardrobe and money as well. Quite different from the norm and rather appealing. This job came through a major synchronicity, where I walked into the administration office for this apartment community, actually looking for an apartment, and one of the women said “you look athletic, do you want to be our Recreation Director?” I came away from that situation with a job and a free apartment. What are the odds? I love the way the Universe works! After a while working at this job, I received two major signs that it was time to go, one of which left me sick in bed for about a week. During that spiritually fateful week I was looking for job opportunities, in the business section of the newspaper, and came across a metaphysical book and gift store for sale (back to this in a moment).

Little background here. About a year-ish before I left Denver, I became horribly sick with asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis. This heralded the beginning of my spiritual journey. Let me tell you why. This sickness seemed to come out of the blue – I had no previous problems like this at all and wasn’t sickly or asthmatic as a child. But after I experienced the asthma, I scheduled an appointment with a traditional western medical doctor and then an allergy clinic and, after diagnosing me, they put me on at least 6 medications (2 nasal meds, 2 inhalers for my lungs, prednisone and antibiotics). These meds would reduce and eventually eradicate my symptoms and I would go off the meds, but then I would get sick again – same symptoms, same meds. This happened over and over and over…ad nauseum. After countless rounds of this, I decided “There has to be another way!” I started seeking alternative methods of healing, which eventually led to my spiritual path. I was able to heal the asthma and sinusitis (though it took some time) using natural remedies, alternative healing practitioners, great books, emotional healing and eventually using spiritual practices as well. I was able to heal my symptoms and drop the meds. Yay, right?

Now back to me in bed, with the synchronistic newspaper ad, here in San Diego. I saw the ad for the metaphysical store and by this time was very drawn to spiritual ideas and practice. Now, let me just say, that I didn’t have nearly enough money to buy a store, of any kind. I decided to call about it anyway (crazy? Hoping for a miracle?). I called and the woman who owned the store quoted me the price (me: swallowing hard, eyes wide, feeling embarrassment that I had even called). She described the store and said that she had tried to keep it herself by hiring a manager (she wanted to move to Mexico). But she couldn’t sell it and the manager did not work out. So much “blah…blah…blah” to me because I couldn’t afford the cost anyway (Why did I call her???).

That didn’t stop me from thinking about the store and wanting it with all my heart! Then “wham,” a thought hit me and I followed it right over to the phone and called the store owner, but she didn’t answer, so I left a voicemail (better option anyway given the way I was feeling about the impossibility of this attempt). I suggested that if she couldn’t sell the store and wanted to hold the loan for me that I would like to buy the store. Then I kind of threw the phone back on the hook (yes, a landline dinosaur – pre-cell) like it was infected because I was a little scared by what I had done. By now you have probably guessed what happened, given I am going on and on here.
Yes, she called back and agreed to hold the loan. She agreed to hold the loan!?! I was about to buy my own metaphysical store – OMG!! I was so excited and wondered what possible dimension I was in that was allowing this to happen. I pinched myself. Yup, it’s still Earth. Wow, I was blown away! She trained me and then left for Mexico and there I was, basking in the light of this miracle that had happened. Again, what are the odds?

Let me tell you, that as a newbie in the field of spirituality and metaphysics, owning this store was the most major education I received. I was surrounded all day by wonderful books and gifts and by people with varying backgrounds of spirituality and alternative healing. I had “readers” in the store every day – psychics of all kinds, astrologers, palm readers and hand-writing analysts. I hosted prominent people in the field to do talks – authors, oracle card deck creators, etc. I also held classes in my back room where people could learn about a myriad of spiritual and metaphysical topics. I was truly immersed in this world and loving EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. I began to learn about my own spiritual gifts too – icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, or not really, because I was about to take a new direction in my life, the store only lasted about 2 years. There were things I didn’t understand at the time I bought the store. First of all, “location, location, location.” Though the store was beautiful, and everyone loved it, it was not in a good location. Secondly, We were in a recession (how did I not know that?). And the manager hired by the previous owner…well, let’s just say he left a bad taste in the mouths of his customers. I found that out later when a customer stated that she had planned to NEVER come back to this store again because of him. I’m sure there were many others. So, I had to close the store down, but that led to another new opportunity.

By this time, I had begun using my own healing gifts and opened “Wolf & Eagle Center for Healing & Awakening” with a partner and began my path as a healer and channel. After my partner took a new direction, I opened up my private practice “Healing From The Heart” and that is what I had been doing for 27 years…until now. From the time I had the store until now, it has been my mission and my passion to help other people to heal and awaken. Currently, as you can see, I have re-launched my business with a new name and with the addition of an online store.

And, just to reinforce the idea of patience and Divine Timing, let me say that this was not my original idea. I was going to open a ‘brick-and-mortar’ metaphysical store again, not an online store. I loved owning and working the store so much that I wanted to do it again and house my private practice inside the store. The money I was supposed to receive to get started, however, was tied up in a real estate deal and that deal ended up dragging on for years. And, I want to tell you that if I had been able to set up my store about a year ago as expected, the store would have gone down with the Covid-19 virus and I would have lost everything. This new plan of re-launching and adding the online store is such a great new direction for me. Maybe someday I will open a brick-and-mortar or maybe I won’t. For now, suffice it to say, I am so thankful to the Universe for not bringing that money any earlier. Everything about this new business has just fallen into place. So, remember, be patient and keep in mind that Divine Timing and Divine Order are on your side even when it feels like they are not.

I tell you all of this so you can get a better feeling for who I am, how I came to be the healer, counselor/coach and teacher that I am and also to tell you this journey (missing many, many details or you would be reading a novel – or maybe you feel that you have – ha!) so that you can see just a bit of how the Universe works when you boldly go where you haven’t gone before – when you decide to say “yes” or follow up on something that really makes no logical sense because your intuition tells you to do it. Look what happened to me with buying my store. There is no way that could happen…But. It. Did. If you want to manifest something, it’s great to visualize, but action steps are important too – brave little steps toward your desire. When you do this, you demonstrate, to Universe and yourself, that you mean business. More on this in my “More Than A Vision Board Workshop,” but you get the idea. Follow your beautiful heart and deep soul connection – Shhh! – listen, they will lead you to the most wonderful place

Now, if you made it through all of this, well, you are a real trooper and I will hopefully meet you in session someday soon! Thank you for visiting! I appreciate you. ♡