Table tipping

Table tipping is a method that physical mediums use, to connect with, or channel, beings from the spiritual realm, including spirit guides, angels and also family members and loved ones who have passed over to the other side. I have also connected with and received messages from animal spirits. It is a powerful and gentle and fun way to receive information, guidance, love, healing and confirmation. We all have many spiritual guides and angels around us who delight in helping us to heal, awaken and move forward on our soul’s journey.

Table tipping came into use in the late 1840’s and ushered in the Spiritualist Movement of that time (which still exists today). People who connect with energies from the other side using an inanimate object are called physical mediums – that’s me :).

Here’s how it works:

Two or more people place their hands lightly on a table, usually a pedestal or 3-legged table
Here’s how it works with me: All participants place their hands lightly on my table tipping table, a small, round, 3-legged or pedestal table. I will invoke, or call in, my table tipping guide(s), Spirit, angels and spirit guides, in order to make a connection with the other side. I connect with the energies of my table tipping guides and bring/channel their energy through my hands onto the table (this creates the movement). I ask my guides to tip the table when they are ready and feel we are ready. Once the connection is made and the table tips, we can then ask questions and the table will move, guided by the spirit I/we are connected with, one way for a “yes” answer, another way for a “no” answer and yet another way for “in between” answers, such as a need for more clarity. Sometimes, other interesting movements (that can be dramatic) happen as well. Sometimes your guides and angels will bring literal healing energy to you through the table. Even though the answers are yes/no only, with a skilled physical medium you can receive very specific information. Please note, this is not spooky or like some séance you see in a movie 🙂 – it is a very spiritual, loving, fun, safe, and amazing process.

My sessions may include some mental mediumship too (receiving information mentally/spiritually instead of with the use of an object), though there is no guarantee of this. If I receive information in this way, I will happily pass it along to you.

Table tipping is a wonderful method for receiving guidance on any issue you may want to explore. You, as my client, are an actual participant in the process, which makes it more personal. I never, ever tire of the connection with the spiritual realm and am constantly amazed and humbled by the profound connections with my own spirit guides, angels and ascended masters as well as yours. And it is always, not only a pleasure, but a blessing to connect with the spirits of loved ones who have passed on. Words are inadequate to describe this experience. It is always incredible and often emotional (for both/all of us :). Table tipping is just one of the available tools I use for sessions. I do use this tool frequently, but not always.

Please note that I only offer table tipping as a part of my available healing and awakening sessions and do not offer it as a separate service at this time. I do, however, offer a table tipping course from time to time, to teach the art/skill/gift of table tipping.