Helping You to live a heart-centered,
soul-aligned, authentic Life

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Welcome To Lavender Lotus Center for Healing & Awakening

I create a safe, loving, intimate space where you are always accepted, honored and encouraged to be yourself, feel your emotions and know there is someone you can depend to truly see you, deeply listen to you and hold sacred space for you. A place where I guide you through the process of shaking off old, unwanted and unhealthy patterns, to heal old wounds and/or to help you open and awaken to your higher self, your true essence and to Spirit and all of your spiritual allies: spirit guides, angels,
ascended masters and spirit animals. I am a spiritual Counselor, coach, Shaman, empath, physical medium and intuitive guide. I am at your service and will always come to you from my heartspace, here to help you live a joyful, abundant, connected, self-loving and authentic life where you are rockin’ it whether you are soaring or feeling uncertain.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

I Lovingly Offer You


Exploring and working through issues, wounds, pain, unhealthy patterns and behaviors, moving into a joyful freedom with new tools, discoveries and understandings with which to walk the path of your heart and soul.


Guiding you through all your spiritual and life issues; spirituality, relationships, abundance/finances, health & well-being, soul/life purpose, creativity and more.

Spiritual Connection

I help you to discover and connect with or deepen your very precious connection with Spirit, your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and other spiritual allies.

It can be challenging and a little scary to let go of the familiar, to change your patterns and behaviors; to move out of your comfort zone, to see what is blocking you, to let go of resistance, to look deeply within yourself.
So, sometimes you just need a guiding hand and a healing touch, someone you can trust, a person who sees you as you are, where you are, without judgment.
I help you to heal in powerful and gentle ways, so that you can find your way to your authentic self – here is where the healing lies.
And, of course, it is within you.

As you will see, on my services and About pages, I offer many options as to how you can heal, awaken & transform but what it comes down to is this: I guide you toward connecting with your your true self. Discovering and living as your authentic Self offers the best, most clear and all-encompassing path to empowerment and healing. Because when you are authentic…when you are truly being yourself, you are automatically self-loving, balanced, healthy, speaking your truth, finding and experiencing balanced relationships, living your purpose, spiritually connected, being the badass that you’ve been hiding inside…for-ever.

These are the things we uncover and discover in our sessions together. You are amazing and beautiful and miraculous, but the part of you who knows that is in hiding because you were taught to put her behind closed doors a long time ago. It’s time to meet her. I will help you to do that- that’s why I am here and that is my passion, and it is my honor to see you move out of the trenches and into the light of your true self.

“Imagine how you would feel if you weren’t seeking permission, approval or trying to prove something. Memorize that feeling. It’s your home frequency.”

Maryam Hasnaa