Being Your True Self: How Authenticity Transforms Your Life

Being who you truly are instead of who you have become can change your life, radically. In this video, I discuss why we aren’t being authentic – how did it happen? I also give you 10 TIPS and TOOLS you can use, right now, to become your true Self. It is about time for all of us to take care of ourselves by being the unique and beautiful people we are, underneath the masks. So dive into this deep talk/interview about being who you are and living YOUR truth. Additionally, I researched crystals/gemstones to find which ones are supportive of making the change to authenticity, but I did not have time, in the video, to talk about them, but below you will find the list of these crystals (underneath the video). If you would like to receive the list, please email me at and I will email the list to you ♥.

Crystals For Support While Moving Into Your True Self
The info below is taken from Judy Hall’s book, The Crystal Bible. She is an expert and her books on Crystals are packed with information. I own all of them because they are amazing! I sell them in my online store Lavender Lotus Gifts: You can access my store from the menu on this website.
1. Sodalite: Instills drive for the truth (and urges you toward idealism, making it possible to remain true to yourself). Perfect, right?!?
2. Kyanite: Encourages speaking one’s truth, cuts through fears & blockages (they get in the way of being authentic) and doesn’t hold negativity (never needs
3. Sunstone: Allows your real self to shine through – yay! Helps if you have difficulty saying no and good for one who continually makes sacrifices for others (People
pleaser alert ;).
4. Topaz: Helps you discover your own inner riches, promotes self-realization (perfect!), helps you to “be” rather than “do,” promotes the truth.
4a. Blue Topaz: Blue topaz has all of the qualities of topaz, above and additionally: assists in seeing the scripts you’ve been living by and to recognize where you’ve
strayed from your own truth. This is just what we need, to face and see the old patterns.
5. Carnelian: Overcomes negative conditioning, promotes positive life choices, increases trust in yourself & your perceptions. All about getting over the old stuff and
being real – will the true you please stand up!
I am sure there are other crystals and gemstones that can be used for becoming your true self, but these are the ones that I chose through research and guidance from my spiritual allies.
***Please Note: These crystals all have many more wonderful, powerful and healing qualities, but here I just mention the ones that are related to being authentic).