Living Your Soul’s Purpose: Doing What You Love & Loving What You Do

June 18, 2022
10:00 - 12:00
Online workshop/Zoom

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” (Mary Oliver)
Let it be something you love!

*Feel like you have a higher purpose?
*Want to love what you do?
*Feel like you have a gift or talent to offer?
*Don’t know how to manifest your purpose?
*Something blocking your purpose?

In this workshop I will help you discover your purpose by teaching you to use:

*Authenticity, your heart and soul, signs & synchronicities, the cavalry (spiritual allies), manifestation principles, action steps, intuition, recognition of obstacles, and more! I will offer experiential exercises, including a guided meditation.

Feel like you have a higher purpose?  Want to love what you do?  Feel like you have a gift or talent to offer? Don’t know how to manifest your purpose? Tired of dreading or simply tolerating your work? Something blocking your purpose? Is your soul whispering & there’s more? Have you recognized your calling, but it seems impossible?

This workshop will address any or all of these questions and more. I will be talking about:
1.  Where and how to discover your life purpose
2. Authenticity (to find TRUE purpose)
3. Calling in the cavalry (your spiritual allies)
4. Manifesting principles
5. Possible obstacles in your path
6. Following your heart, soul
7. How signs & synchronicities enter in
8. Taking action steps
9. Using your Intuition
10. Experiential exercises, including a guided meditation

Your soul purpose may not be your work – it could be charity or volunteer work, philanthropy, creative pursuits, being a good listener, etc.
This workshop will be informative and fun!

Linda Wolf, MA, CLC (of Lavender Lotus Center for Healing & Awakening) has been working in the healing arts for 29 years. She is an intuitive & spiritual counselor, healer, medium, channel, Shaman, empath & teacher. She offers individual sessions, facilitates groups and teaches workshops/classes.
Questions?  Email: or call: 760-456-7555



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